Winter 2022 Edition: Can you still get a DIRECTV HR24 DVR?

It’s sort of like asking, can you still get a new 2011 Camry?

DIRECTV’s HR24 DVR has been a workhorse, that’s for sure. Since its launch in 2011, it’s been a reliable way for people to get their DIRECTV fix. Really, though the HR24’s service life was only expected to be 2-3 years. Yet, it’s soldiered on for a decade.

HR24 and what came after

The HR24 was launched as DIRECTV’s last two-tuner DVR. It replaced older products like the HR20, offering more speed and a sleeker package that was more energy efficient and ran cooler. Unlike earlier DVRs, it integrated DIRECTV’s version of MoCA technology, so no external DECA adapter was needed. It was a huge win… in 2011.

The HR24 was superseded first by the HR34 in 2012, then by the HR44, HR54, and HS17 Genie 2. It went out of production by the end of 2011, and all orders since then have been fulfilled with refurbished units.

Why people kept asking for HR24s

The Genie DVRs (HR34 and up) that came after the HR24 were a whole new technology. With a Genie system of course, you use one master DVR and every other room uses smaller client boxes. This switch was made to help with energy efficiency and help DIRECTV manage costs. It was also a big win for consumers who didn’t want loud, expensive DVRs in every room.

Genie technology is coming into its 10th year and it’s become fully mature. Starting in 2013, all DIRECTV installs for residential use were Genies unless the customer specifically said they wanted something else.

But, people kept asking for HR24s. Customers who wanted a single-room system didn’t see the benefit of a large home media server. Folks with RVs and boats that weren’t going to connect to the internet wanted something simple. And, of course, there was always going to be that contingent of users who never wanted the Genie system and felt more comfortable with an old-school, non-SWM installation.

So can you get an HR24 now?

The answer, as I write this in late 2021, is yes… and no. There are some customer types that can still add HR24s to their DIRECTV systems. Many customers cannot. This is really just an indication that after 12 years of SWM installs and 9 years of Genie installs, DIRECTV is ready to leave older technology behind. This isn’t the first time they’ve stopped support for older hardware. They do it whenever it’s needed, in order to keep resources focused on helping the most people.

It could also be that after all these years, they’re just running out of HR24s. It’s very possible.

I think this is a good move. I know that it’s going to be harder for our marine and RV customers. We’re actively working to make sure that you are covered for as long as you can be. It’s possible that we’ll see new DIRECTV hardware that focuses on customers in these markets in the future, but in the meantime we have plans that will help you!

If you want to activate or replace an HR24 in your DIRECTV system, contact us at 888-233-7563. We have qualified technicians available during East Coast business hours to help you! If it’s after hours, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you, usually within one business day.

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