With (almost) any DIRECTV Genie: use IR and RF at the same time!

DIRECTV’s Genie System just keeps getting better! The new Genie DVR isn’t just smaller and faster, but we’ve confirmed that it has one feature that no (almost) other DIRECTV DVR has…

Whether you have an older Genie or the new Genie 2, your devices can receive can receive IR and RF remote instructions at the same time! (The HR34 Genie and C31 client can’t do this trick. You can program your Genie remote to control the Genie through walls and doors while using any DIRECTV IR remote (or universal remote) to control it as long as you have line of sight.

Now, you don’t have to choose. Let’s talk about some of the scenarios where this is important:

  • If your Genie DVR runs to TVs in two rooms, you can use the remote that comes with it for the distant room and an inexpensive IR Remote for the nearby room.
  • If your Genie DVR is connected to a Slingbox, you can still control it using RF… perfect for a media rack.
  • Your Genie DVR will still work with any DIRECTV remote without any reprogramming if you lose the Genie remote.

These are just a few scenarios where the ability to do simultaneous IR and RF work for you. It’s something home theatre buffs have wanted for a long time. As a matter of fact, the Genie system is the first (and so far only) TV box that pulls off the long-awaited trifecta…

In addition to simultaneous IR and RF, it can also use IP Control through a PC or tablet. That’s something never before done in the DIRECTV world and it makes a huge difference for anyone with more than one receiver in the same room. Fans with sports rooms or “man caves” can have all the control they want.

For now, the Genie DVR is not approved for commercial accounts, but this ability combined with the Commercial App for iPad will give bar and restaurant owners a huge bump in usability. Instead of using expensive matrix switchers or bags full of remotes, commercial accounts will have the ultimate power. Set a few devices for RF and carry around a single IR remote for closeup work, and use the iPad app to change whole banks of receivers at a single tap.

The future just keeps looking better for DIRECTV.

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