NICE AND EASY: What’s the right dish setting for the new 4K LNB?

If you’re thinking of upgrading to the new 4K LNB for DIRECTV dishes, you’re probably thinking ahead. If this isn’t your first satellite project, you’re probably familiar with going into the Satellite Setup screens. This is where you tell your receiver what dish it’s hooked up to.

The good news here is that you probably never have to go into that screen again. The new LNB will be automatically detected and set by your DIRECTV receiver after a simple reboot. If it’s not, you can still set the dish type manually. You just shouldn’t have to.

The dish type for the 4K LNB is 21: Slimline-3DR and the Multiswitch type is DSWM. As I said these should be set automatically.

If you are using an older receiver and you don’t see that dish type, it may be necessary to force a software download, this article tells you how. Usually that’s not going to help though, especially for really old receivers. All current receivers including D12, H21 through H25, HR21 through HR54 should get this information automatically. If it’s not there after a download, it may be time to upgrade to something newer.

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