Can you convert a DISH Western Arc dish to DIRECTV?

We get it, you don’t want more holes in your house. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to convert a DISH satellite dish (Western Arc OR Eastern Arc) to work with DIRECTV. Why?

DISH uses 1.66″ outer diameter masts while DIRECTV uses 2″ outer diameter masts. We do sell an adapter but there’s a reason DIRECTV uses a thicker mast — their dishes are HEAVY. If you choose to use your existing mast you’ll want to use the monopole braces to steady it and there you go, more holes to drill anyway.

Before you go suspecting that you can use the DISH reflector and graft on a DIRECTV LNB, let’s say that it’s not impossible, but without some sophisticated measuring equipment you’re not likely to be able to do it right. The distances and positions are critical and it’s not going to be something you just hit by accident.

If you are leaving DISH and going to DIRECTV (or the other way around) you’re much better taking the opportunity to patch the roof and move the dish to an eave or consider one of the many non-penetrating mounts we have available at Solid Signal.