IS IT TRUE: You’ll lose the live buffer if you turn off the Genie?!?!?

How could that be? DVR users for over a decade have counted on a live buffer to let them rewind as soon as they turn on the TV. Users of DIRECTV Genie DVRs have reported that there are plenty of times when they’ll turn on the DVR and find no live buffer at all. That seems like a big step backwards, doesn’t it?

Here’s what we’ve figured out:
If nothing is recording, you have between 5 and 15 minutes after turning off the DVR to reliably keep the buffer, but it some cases it will continue to buffer for several hours if nothing is recording.

If something is recording, you will generally lose the buffer within seconds of turning off the DVR.

While that does seem like a big step backwards, there are three ways to make sure that this doesn’t really become a problem.

First, remember that you have five recording tuners and 100 series links on a Genie. If you want to make sure that [i]Good Morning America[i] or Extra is always available to you, just set it up to record every day. There’s a drop down to let you choose how many recordings to keep… set that at “1” and you’ll have a fresh recording every day without cluttering up your drive.

If you truly want to keep that live buffer, take a minute to make a quick change to your DVR and you can have all the live buffer you want. First turn off the front panel lights by pressing the left and right arrows on the front panel at the same time until the lights turn off. Then press {MENU}, then go to Settings&Help, Settings, and Power Options to turn off Power Saver. Then, just keep the DVR on all the time and just turn the TV on and off.

Shhh…. The blog team has one more suggestion for you, and that’s to sit tight and wait. We were told at the DIRECTV Revolution show that the ultimate fix for this issue is coming. We know what it is and you’re going to love it!