Can you have satellite TV on a tugboat?

If you’re on a working vessel you know that the days can be rough. Whether it’s a tugboat, a ferry, a patrol boat or something else, every day is a mix of boredom, drudgery, and occasionally total craziness. In other words, it’s like pretty much every job. But, life on the water doesn’t have to be that bad. You can enjoy a little bit of comfort while you’re waiting for the next big thing to happen. The best way to do it is with satellite television.

Satellite TV… on a boat?

It’s true. You can have satellite TV on a boat. Practically any boat, as long as it’s big enough so you have somewhere to put the satellite dome. Modern satellite dishes use superfast computers to track satellites in the sky no matter whether you are moving or staying still. These dishes are more expensive than the dishes you use at home but they are worth it. They’re designed to live for years in the salt air and still work great.

Maybe you’ve seen those luxury yachts with satellite domes on them and thought, there’s no way a working vessel could afford to have something like this. Actually these systems don’t cost much more than a GPS or radar system, things you already have. And every day you have satellite TV on your boat, you’ll be glad you do. Sure, you might get decent cell reception, but you’ll get tired of staring at that little screen all the time. With satellite TV the whole crew can enjoy together.

Who has time to watch satellite TV during the workday?

You work hard. So does your crew. But there’s downtime. Maybe it’s just during a lunch break, or maybe you’re stuck waiting for something to happen. Of course you’re productive during the day but there’s bound to be a few minutes when you need a little time off. That’s how a good workplace is supposed to be. With satellite TV you have a universe full of entertainment to choose from.

Sometimes, there’s even a good reason to be watching TV. We live in uncertain times and if you’re out there in the harbor, there are times you really need to know what’s going on. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a man-made crisis, there are times you can’t afford to be cut off from the world. It’s just not safe. Unfortunately those are the times your cell phone isn’t going to help. Everyone else will be trying to get information from the internet, while you’ll be finding out the facts firsthand from satellite television. Satellite TV doesn’t get congested or slow down like internet-based TV does. That can make a real difference in a need-to-know situation.

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