Can you put an antenna in your crawl space?

Well you can, but the real question is if you should.

During the winter, people will do almost anything to avoid going up on the roof. And I don’t blame them. The tiniest patch of ice can send people to the emergency room. That is the absolutely the wrong place you want to be right now.

But putting an antenna in a crawl space might not be the right choice either. Let’s take a look at why.

First of all where is your crawl space?

Depending on where you live, the crawl space may not help you a lot. In a lot of southern homes, the crawl space is under the house. That’s the worst place to put an antenna. It’s going to be blocked by pretty much everything around it. You would always want to put an antenna up as high as possible.

In other homes, a crawl space can be above the ceiling, in homes that don’t have an attic. This can be a fair place to stash an antenna, if you can get one in there.

The one thing you need to know

In order to put an antenna in your crawl space, it needs to be able to fit. Take for example the Televes Dinova Boss Mix. It’s a low-profile UHF/VHF antenna that could work in a crawl space.

You never want to disassemble an antenna to put it in the crawl space. You’re taking away parts that are needed. You also don’t want to turn an antenna on its edge or rotate it. This will make it much less effective. Antennas are designed to be used as the manufacturer created them. Messing around with an antenna just so it fits in a tiny space is never going to be a good idea.

The other thing I should probably say

A crawl space isn’t a really good place for an antenna. There can be a lot of things blocking the signal. That antenna could lose three quarters of its effectiveness. It could lose more than that depending on how it’s placed.

This is true really with any sort of antenna. I tell people all the time not to hide their routers or wireless devices. I get it. You might think they are ugly. But the more solid stuff you put between that device and the thing it needs to connect to, the worse off you’ll be.

So at best a crawl space is going to be a temporary fix for your antenna installation problem. It’s not even the best choice. It may be your only choice if you don’t want to look at the antenna. But, putting it indoors or on a patio is a better choice, especially if it’s just for a few more months while you wait for things to thaw a bit.

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