Can you use an old cell booster with a new phone?

OK, so you’re about to take delivery of that new iPhone 11. I guess my rant didn’t scare you off.  Fair enough. Or maybe you’ve nabbed a new Android. Even if you’re just thinking about it, you might be worried that your recent investment in a cell booster system will be wasted. Luckily, I have good news for you.

That cell booster is still going to work great.

New phones sometimes work with new frequency ranges, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work with the older frequency ranges as well. You’ll get great voice calls and fast data with the cell booster you already have. Your data speeds may even go up depending on your phone.

What about if I get a 5G phone?

Even if you have a 5G phone, today’s cell boosters will work for you. Those 5G phones will also work with 4G/LTE frequencies as well. In some markets, existing frequencies will also be used for 5G so that you’ll get perfect reception and ridiculously fast data.

In many cases, 5G will require new frequencies that cell phone boosters won’t support, yet. Chances are there won’t be a 5G cell booster for several years, so you’re not missing out on anything.

What to do to plan for a new phone

The most important thing when using any booster is to look for a yellow or red light on the front. This generally means that the signal is too strong and the booster is either reducing its power or turning off completely.

In very rare cases, you’ll see this when bringing in a new phone. But, I mean VERY rare. If your new phone does change the way your cell booster works, consider moving the indoor antenna away from where you normally use the phone.

This is also a good opportunity to check all the cabling on your booster. Do you see any corrosion around the connectors? Are there any breaks in the cable? Is the ground wire securely fastened? You should check all the little things, like whether or not the power cord is secure in the outlet.

If you don’t have a cell booster…

why not? Do you have full bars at home? Most people don’t, and let me tell you a new phone isn’t going to fix that. Most new phones actually have smaller antennas than older phones. I know, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

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