Are cell boosters too expensive?

Sadly, hardly a day goes by when someone doesn’t comment to me, either in person, on social media, or through some other channel, that cellular signal boosters are too expensive. It’s true, you’ll pay $300-$600 for one that actually works. If you’re paying less than that, chances are you’re looking at something that’s pretty limited in what it will do.

Does that seem like a lot?

It’s less than the cost of an unsubsidized phone, and it works with every phone in your house. You won’t replace it anywhere near as often as you replace your phone, and it makes pretty much any phone work better.

Ask yourself, which do you really use more, your phone or your TV? A cell booster costs less than most new TVs, but you probably have no problem buying a new one, right? Your cell booster will last as long as your TV, possibly longer because we’ve all gotten into the habit of upgrading TVs probably more often than we need to.

Yet, there’s this feeling that cellular signal boosters should cost much less. Some average responses tell me most people think cellular signal boosters should cost $69-$99, which if you think about it, is pretty silly. Think about what you’re getting in a typical cell booster kit:

  • large outdoor antenna
  • high quality mounting pieces
  • 50 feet of high-quality cable
  • indoor antenna

… and of course the booster itself which is a special purpose computer and bidirectional amplifier that works so fast, adjusting power levels multiple times every second, that you don’t even know it’s there. It does pretty much everything a cell tower can do, but does it all in a compact package.

Still, people sometimes saythat anything over $99 is a ripoff.

Honestly, I just don’t understand it. I just don’t get why people won’t see the value in cellular signal boosters. I’ve been to the facilities where they’re made. I’ve seen the work that goes into them. These are not mass-produced factory items, every single one is tested and checked by hand. They’re assembled by real people who care, and supported by manufacturers who will work with you as long as it takes to get things right. Honestly, you don’t see that kind of commitment in other products unless you’re talking about spending in the high five figures. I mean, if you’re buying a Tesla you expect that kind of workmanship and support, but certainly not if you’re spending $69. I’m honestly very impressed that the cellular booster manufacturers can do it with products that cost so little.

We bring the receipts

I would invite anyone who thinks a cellular booster is too expensive to read reviews on and elsewhere. The point is, these things actually work. You can get better cell signal at home or at work, and you can get faster data speeds too, which is something most people overlook when they’re thinking about getting a cellular booster. There are boosters for any size home or office, and honestly while you will pay over $5,000 for the really top end ones, you can do pretty well for under $600 and that means no more missed calls, no more walking to the other side of the house, no more audio drops as wi-fi calling comes in and out… it’s a real win and $600 isn’t a whole lot of money when you consider what you get.

Would you pay $600 for a phone that works five times better, downloads five times faster, has more battery life and doesn’t drop calls? Most people would. What if paying $600 actually let you do that with the phone you already have? That’s the point, friends… a cellular signal booster will do that for you and it will do it for your friends, coworkers or anyone in the area served by the booster. It will outlast the phones you have and work with the next phone you buy. And really, you think all of that’s only worth $69?

I’m also a client

I’m coming to you as a success story myself, not just as a representative of Solid Signal. My workspace was built in the 1960s and for a lot of reasons, doesn’t get cell service at all. If I didn’t have a booster, I wouldn’t have an office. Simple as that.

So what do you think? Are you ready to take the plunge? Shop now for cellular signal boosters at! Not sure which booster is right for you? Call us during East Coast Business Hours at 888-233-7563 and we’ll help you decide!

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