How do you change what programs show up in the playlist (DIRECTV Genie GUI)?

Power users seem to be having a tough time with the new menu system being rolled out for Genie DVRs. It’s pretty clear that in order to serve the needs of almost everyone else, those power-user-favored features are disappearing or getting hidden.

Recently a power user asked me, “how can I show only the programs on this DVR?” and I’ll be honest, I had to look for it myself. If you have a Genie and multiple HR24 DVRs, you’re probably looking for a setting like this so you can keep your kids from seeing all your programs.

The setting used to be easy to find by just pressing the {DASH} or yellow button. It’s a little harder to get to now.

  1. Press {LIST} to get to your playlist.
  2. Arrow left and then down to “Manage Recordings” and press {SELECT}.
  3. Arrow all the way down to “Playlist Share” — it’s not shown at first and you have to scroll all the way down. Press {SELECT}.

Finally, after all those button presses you can get to the point where you can isolate the “Local Playlist” the way you used to. I’ll admit it’s not the easiest thing to find, but at least it’s still there. Other friendly features like mark-and-delete are gone forever.

You know, I really do think that these new menus are better for new users, and for people who don’t do a lot with their DVRs other than watch TV. Those two groups are probably about 99.5% of the DIRECTV universe, so that means the designers of the user interface did the smart thing. However, for the 120,000 or so power users out there who have stuck with DIRECTV for 15 years or more, it can be frustrating, and I know that you, my faithful Solid Signal Blog readers, are part of that group. So, I totally understand if you’re not super excited about these new menus.

For my part, I’m going to keep doing tutorial content and videos to make sure you’re able to find the stuff you can still find, and to give you an opportunity to talk about your frustrations. The more you talk about it, the more the folks over at AT&T will consider your concerns.

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