DIRECTV Error 721, 724, or 725? Here’s how to fix it

Everyone hates to see error messages on their TV screen. Luckily this one’s usually easy to fix. If you see an error message with a number 721, 724, or 725, it’s a simple matter to get yourself back on track.

This error means that your receiver is not authorized to watch the channel you’re trying to watch. It could be as simple as, you’re not authorized to watch the channel you’re trying to watch. It may not be in your programming package. However, this message can pop up on a channel you used to watch, and that’s frustrating.

It means that the access card inside your receiver needs new authorizations. Luckily this is pretty easy. Here is a step-by-step guide to fixing this common problem.

  1. First, go to
  2. Go down to “Solution 2: Refresh your service” and follow the steps there.
  3. Try this at least 3 times and give it 5 minutes between each to make sure it works.
  4. If that does not work, confirm that the access card # listed at is the same as listed on the setup page (Menu, Settings&Help, Settings)
  5. If that does not work, unfortunately you will need to call DIRECTV.

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