NICE AND EASY: Does the DIRECTV HR44 or HR54 Genie work with wireless clients?

Not the most dramatic thing to look at, this Genie Mini Client does tricks that almost no other cable or satellite box can do. It connects wirelessly, so while you do need to plug it into the TV and to the wall, it can go anywhere within about 50 feet of the DVR without the need for a coaxial cable.

A lot of people assume that because the Genie DVR has built-in Wi-Fi, that all they need to do is add this wireless client and they’ll be all set. Unfortunately that’s not true. You also need a Wireless Video Bridge. The built-in Wi-Fi is only for connection to the internet and is not used for the wireless client.

The wireless client needs the video bridge because together, they create their own wireless network that doesn’t have all the other traffic on it. If it used the same Wi-Fi as everything else, it could be affected by your Netflix streaming, your working, your web surfing, etc. You don’t want your spouse to come find out what you’ve been searching for, do you? That’s a good reason to have a wireless video bridge.

While DIRECTV could have built this capability into its DVRs, that would have increased costs and not everyone needs a wireless receiver. So it’s best that it’s not built in.

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