FUN FRIDAY: Shanghai Disneyland

So the first thing is, there is such a thing as Shanghai Disneyland. Which, I didn’t even know that. Apparently it opens in about 3 weeks. And it looks uh-maaaa-zing.

I found this video of someone riding the Tron Lightcycle roller coaster and I just have to ask, why did we not ever do that here? I know the original Tron wasn’t a hit initially, but for a geeky kid like me it was uber-awesome. I probably watched it almost as many times as Star Trek II. Disney tried to build it into a franchise with 2010’s Tron:Legacy which again, I personally liked but not enough people did. (What is wrong with you people!)

So yeah, when I say all that I guess I understand why Disney didn’t want to commit real estate to a ride based on a movie that wasn’t an out-and-out hit. I mean, Universal Studios built a huge attraction around Waterworld which is a movie most millennials probably don’t even know. If you remember it at all, you probably remember what utter crap it was. So Disney didn’t want to do that.

But seriously, here’s a movie that just begs for a ride to be built around it, right? If you don’t believe me, watch the video.

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