Your guide to the new HD-BLADE antennas


The next generation is here… and it’s gorgeous! If you were a fan of last year’s model, you’re sure to flip over this year’s new and improved line of HD-BLADE antennas. Performance is increased 20% over last year’s models, and the prices… are better than ever!

The original: now in CLEAR
The original HD-BLADE is still available in black, but we’re guessing that most folks are going to want the new clear model (pictured above.) It blends in anywhere, and even looks good mounted on a window (which is where you will probably get the best reception. It’s been completely revised for better reception even in fringe areas and we’re more confident than ever that you’ll get your local channels even 35 miles away!

Get down and get funky with the HD-BLADE WIDE

It’s super-slim, super-wide, and super-powerful. Last year’s HD-BLADE Mini has been replaced with the new HD-BLADE Wide which takes a quantum leap in VHF performance while keeping UHF performance as strong as ever. It’s the perfect antenna for small spaces and of course, it’s available in classic black or awesome clear.

Accessorize your antenna at the best price ever
Stand up and cheer for the new HD-BLADE stand which keeps your antenna standing tall for best reception. It’s great if you need to angle the antenna for best reception. If you’re looking for even more power, Check out the new HDX amplifier. You’ll get 20dB of power at an unheard-of price. The best part of our new amplifier is that you can power it with any USB power adapter or USB port you have… or add the HDX Power Supply at a great price. We’ve even lowered the price of our razor-thin cable to make this an excellent deal.

Which one should you pick?

Here’s the good news– it’s up to you! We have kits for every need whether you just need the antenna at a great price or if you need to add cable, or an amplifier, or a stand… or for the absolute best value you’ll want to look at our deluxe kits which have everything you could possibly need at a price that most companies are charging for just the antenna! You get the antenna, the cable, the amplifier, the stand, even the power supply for one low price.

We’ll be giving you LOTS of instrumented testing in the weeks to come but we wanted to share these new antennas with you now so you can enjoy them right away. Get a good look at them by checking out this week’s hot deals, and then pick the right one for you!

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