Hidden tips for your Genie Mini Client

Here’s the stuff they won’t tell you.

You can get a lot of information about your Genie Mini Client by pressing and holding {INFO} on the white remote. There’s a lot more info to be had, though, and you’ll find it through some secret steps.

Get more setup information

Press and hold the {SELECT} button for about 12 seconds while you’re watching live TV. When you let go, you’ll go into a hidden menu where you can find out a lot more about the client.

Want the ultimate hidden menu?

Reboot your Genie Client. When you see the words “Running Receiver Self-Check” press the {SELECT} button. You’ll get even more useless information that may win you a little money in bar trivia contests (or not.)

Really, these hidden menus don’t tell you much that you need to know as an average user but they sure are fun to watch!

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