In a hotel? Don’t steal that remote!

So the story goes like this. You’re in a nice hotel and they have “the DIRECTV Residential Experience.” You see a remote on the nightstand just like the one you have at home. You turn on the TV and the experience is just like the DIRECTV you watch at home. It’s great… all your shows are right where you want them. And you look at that remote and think… “hey I need one of these for the living room.”

I won’t judge; who among us hasn’t nabbed an extra soap or shampoo? But you do need to think twice before putting that DIRECTV remote in your luggage, and it’s not just because of karma or any of that stuff. It’s not even because the hotel remote is likely to be the dirtiest, most disgusting thing you will handle in your lifetime unless your job is picking up roadkill. It’s a much more important reason: the thing won’t work when you get it home.

DIRECTV does this on purpose. They’ve created a remote that looks and acts like the one you have at home but it won’t work with your home receivers. It’s supposed to prevent theft, and if you look at the back of the remote it says in the tiniest possible letters that the remote won’t work with a home DIRECTV box. Of course, that’s assuming that the first thing you do when you walk into the room is read the tiny lettering on the back of the remote. I do that, doesn’t everyone?

More to the point, if you are looking for a replacement remote or even a second one to add to your DIRECTV system, you’ll find the one you really want at Our Genie Remotes work with all DIRECTV receivers made since 2003, and if you have a Genie DVR or client they will also work in RF mode so you don’t even have to point them. Plus, our remotes come without that layer of grime that comes standard on all hotel remotes, so there’s that.

Now, if only you could actually find a way not to touch that hotel remote at all.

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