Is there a “generic” RF remote for DIRECTV?

I was contacted a few weeks ago by a reader and we had a very interesting discussion about DIRECTV’s RF remotes. It started with an explanation that they were trying to build a custom RF remote rig and wondered how that rig could work with DIRECTV.

Unfortunately, I had to explain that every RF remote signal is coded with the last six digits of the receiver ID. This is to make sure you’re actually controlling the receiver you want to control. Because RF technology is much more powerful than infrared, it would be very possible for someone in one apartment to control a receiver two or three apartments away. Pairing the remote to a specific receiver stops that.

So in short…

No there is not a way for you to have a “generic” set of RF codes for DIRECTV receivers in the same way you have generic IR codes. I’m sure this put a bit of a damper in this reader’s plans. Still, I look forward to seeing how they address the issue.

Here’s one sort of option

It’s not exactly new technology, but this NextGen LRRX remote extender gives you something pretty similar. A module takes the place of one of your receiver’s batteries and transforms the infrared signal into an RF one. That RF signal is broadcast to the “flying saucer” base unit, where it is once again converted to an infrared signal for use by the receiver. This technique works with literally any infrared remote that uses AA or AAA batteries.

Something like this could be used to broadcast generic DIRECTV commands as part of an RF setup, because the receiver would get them as regular infrared commands

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