NICE AND EASY: What is a “cradle booster?”

It sounds like something vaguely associated with children, or so you’d think. A cradle booster is the least expensive way to get better cellular signal in your vehicle. Take a look, for example, at the weBoost Drive 4G-S. It’s completely portable and requires no permanent installation, yet it will give you better cell service in any vehicle where it’s hooked up. Not only that, it comes at a price you won’t believe.

The difference between a cradle booster and other boosters is the amount of power used to get the signal to the phone. It’s much, much less and the whole point is that the phone sits in the cradle. This also makes it a handsfree device and puts it where you can see it for use in maps apps or other stuff like that. Obligatory nagging: keep your eyes on the road. Don’t stare at the phone when you should be paying attention. Oh, and eat your vegetables.

Cradle boosters are also designed to work with one device at a time, as opposed to larger boosters which are designed to handle pretty much all the phones in their vicinity. It’s another way that booster manufacturers can provide a low-cost way for you to get the boost you want without it costing you a lot of money.

Cradle boosters are the perfect accessory for people who drive alone, people in home offices (many can be used with an optional AC adapter) or situations where there’s only one phone (such as when you’re in the car with small kids.) So, I suppose they actually do have something to do with kids. Wow. Imagine that… a rather neat way to tie up this article. I’m pretty pleased with myself right now.

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