NICE AND EASY: What does the CE logo mean on electronics?

You’ve seen it on pretty much everything you own, from your phone to your blender. It’s called the “CE Mark” (rather a creative name, right?) and it’s issued by the European Community to those electronic devices that meet all requirements for being sold in Europe. You’ll usually see it in conjunction with the FCC logo which pretty much means the same thing for the US.

The CE mark is also very similar to a mark developed by the Chinese government for “China Export” and that’s deliberate. There are some manufacturers, you see, who try to pass off unapproved goods to Europeans, and that’s the way they do it. You really don’t need to worry about that here in the US; all you really have to worry about is the FCC logo. The CE mark, whether it’s there or not, doesn’t mean a lot to you.

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