What are your options for better cell service and internet on a farm?

How about a shout out for America’s farmers? Nothing would be possible without them. A lot of farms are run by large corporations, but there are still a lot of private operations too. They’re doing the tough job of making sure all of us have enough to eat. It’s a big task, and it takes a lot of land.

All too often, utility companies limit service to farms. It’s a matter of economics. In the suburbs, a two square mile area could have hundreds of homes. That means hundreds of people paying their bills. Your farm, on the other hand, pays one bill. It’s all about money, folks, and the service providers are telling you that you don’t pay them enough of it. So what can you do? Your buildings may just be too far away from cell towers, or too far from the closest internet junction.

Option 1: Cell phone signal boosters and cellular routers

Here’s a test for you. Go up on your roof with your cell phone. Do you have any service at all? Can you make a call? Can you get online, even slowly? If so, there is a low-cost option for you.

Cell phone signal boosters are a real, proven way to improve cell service inside homes and offices. They’re available for spaces from 100 to 100,000 square feet. If you can get up on your roof, you can do the installation yourself. Cell boosters cost less than one phone, they work with all the devices in your building, and they will probably outlast the next three phones you buy. To me that sounds like a pretty good deal!

A cell phone signal booster uses an antenna mounted on your roof. The antenna isn’t really that big, but it’s a lot bigger than the antenna on your phone. That means it can pick up weaker signals. It takes those signals, amplifies them up to 10,000,000 times, and blasts it throughout the building. It does the opposite, too — taking your phone’s signal and pumping it out to the closest cell tower.

Once you’ve got great cell signal in the home, you can put in a fixed wireless solution. Fixed wireless, you say? That’s a fancy term for using a cell phone signal instead of a fiber line for internet. Using a special router, you can get the same internet experience as everyone else, using a cell signal. A special account is required, but it’s generally about the same price that anyone else pays for internet. There are generous data plans that let you surf, stream, and shop to your heart’s content.

Option 2: VSAT by Signal Connect

You’ve heard of satellite internet. You might even have it now. Chances are, you associate it with two words: slow and expensive. There’s a new player in town, though, and those words go out the window. It’s called VSAT by Signal Connect.

VSAT by Signal Connect is different. It’s satellite internet designed for today. The equipment is optimized for high speed. The plans are much less expensive, and the data options make a lot more sense, too. But there’s an even bigger difference: real customer service. When you work with Signal Connect, you get white glove service. No call centers, no queues, no robots. Just real customer service from real people who care. And all of them are based in our real corporate offices in Novi, Michigan U.S.A like they should be.

Satellite internet is your choice when there’s just no cell service and no fiber anywhere near you. Sadly that describes a lot of farms and ranches out there. It’s your way of getting connected when no one else seems to want to help.

Let’s be clear. Signal Connect wants to help

Whether you need a cell booster, a hotspot, cellular router, satellite internet, or anything else for your digital life, Signal Connect is here for you. We’re a team of real experts with decades of experience. We’re here to make your life better and we want to listen. If you think that honest customer service has gone out of style, well we agree. At least at other companies. Signal Connect’s staff is trained to take care of you, and it’s our pleasure.

To find out what real customer service can be, call us at 888-233-7563 during East Coast business hours. If you’d rather be contacted at another time, fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you!

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