NICE AND EASY: Get to DIRECTV’s On Demand selection

If you’re tired of going through the menus… here’s an easy way to get to DIRECTV on demand selection. If you want to get to the main menu, just enter 1000 on your remote. It’s that easy.

Not only that, but you can jump to a specific on demand channel one of two ways: Either directly enter the channel number but add a “1” to the front. In other words, if you want HGTV On Demand, their regular channel number is 229. So you enter 1229 to get their on demand channel. Or, go to the guide and find the channel. If there’s a little “+” on the corner by the name, press the left arrow until the name is highlighted, then press {SELECT}.

You’ve probably also noticed that if you search for shows, you’ll get all the on demand content in a separate folder that makes it easy to find, but then again you have to get to the search screen which for some inexplicable reason takes about 5 keypresses to get to.

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