NICE AND EASY: Skip commercials with DIRECTV

There’s a hidden feature on every DIRECTV DVR (even Genie.) It means you never have to see another commercial again. How do you do it?

Start by pressing {MENU}.
Arrow down to “Search and Browse” and press {SELECT}.
Arrow over to “Smart Search” and press {SELECT}.
Type the word 30SKIP and press the {RED} button (not the {RECORD} button.)
With “All” highlighted, press {SELECT}.

You will see a message that there are no matching programs, that’s ok. However, you’ve just enabled a hidden feature that lets you skip past commercials instantly by pressing the {SLIP} button, the one to the right of the {STOP} button on older remotes and just above the fast forward button on Genie remotes.

If you want to disable this feature, go through the same steps but type the word 30SLIP instead.

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Stuart Sweet
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