One-line Guide on your DIRECTV DVR? it can be done!

You have the power to surf the guide without disturbing others! Sure, you have the DIRECTV app for smartphones and tablets, but The answer is already right in your hand.

While you’re watching live TV, press the {ENTER} button on your DIRECTV remote. (If you have an older remote you can also press the {BLUE} button.) You’ll see a mini-guide that shows you one channel at a time at the bottom of the screen. It’s super-convenient and less distracting than using the full screen guide.

This feature has been around since the first DIRECTV Plus HD DVR (HR20) but for some reason most people don’t know about it. It works great, though, and is fully supported on every HD DVR including the HR44 Genie and C41 Genie Mini Client.

Surf the channels using the arrow keys. Press {CHAN/PAGE} up or down to skip a few channels at a time. Skip forward and back in time using the fast forward and rewind buttons. If you find a channel, press {SELECT} or press the record button to record it. Done browsing? Press that Enter button again and the mini guide will go away.

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