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The Televes Nevoswitch is designed to help customers who have been left high and dry since it’s almost impossible to get a Spaun multiswitch in this country. The new multiswitches from Televes are perfect replacements for Spaun SMS-5803, SMS51203, and SMS-51603 multiswitches as well as many other older multiswitches from Spaun and Eagle Aspen.

Why would you choose a Televes Nevoswitch instead of a SWM from DIRECTV or DPP44/DPH42 from DISH? Those other multiswiches are definitely the right choice for today’s equipment, but if you have a boat or RV that’s still using older wiring and you don’t want to upgrade it now, replacing your Spaun multiswitch with a Televes Nevoswitch will let you put off that upgrade several more years.

The NevoSwitch will not work with DIRECTV Genie, DISH Hopper, or any equipment requiring SWM or Hybrid dishes, and it does not support DIRECTV HD. However, that doesn’t matter to a lot of people and for them, this product is perfect.

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