TIP: How to use RVU with your C31 Genie Client or Samsung RVU TV

If you have an HR34 Genie HD DVR, you’ve probably been waiting for the Genie Client to come out. It’s a little box the size of a paperback book, completely silent and yet it has full DVR functionality. Installation of a Genie Client is very easy.

You can also use selected 2011 and 2012 Samsung Smart TVs for RVU without a Genie Client. 2012 models are still undergoing certification as of the publication of this article, but it’s expected by the end of October 2012 you should be able to use RVU on all 2012 “ES” model Samsung Smart TVs.

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Connecting the Genie Client

The C31 Genie client connects just like any DIRECTV receiver. Use a coaxial cable connected to your DIRECTV system. If you are replacing an existing receiver, just disconnect the cable from that and connect it to the Genie Client. The C31 Genie Client also needs to be plugged into AC power, just like a DIRECTV receiver.

Connect the C31 to the TV via HDMI. If you need to connect via component, use this dongle available from Solid Signal.

When the client powers up, the DIRECTV logo will turn bright blue and there should be a small green light visible on the front as well.

Using the Samsung RVU-capable TV

Select Samsung TVs can be used as RVU clients without the use of a C31 Genie Client. For a complete list, visit Samsung.com.

To connect the Samsung TV, use a coaxial cable from your DIRECTV system. Do not connect this to the antenna input on your TV. Instead, use a Cinema Connection Kit to connect the TV. Run the coaxial cable to the Cinema Connection Kit (plugged into AC power) and run an ethernet cable into your Samsung TV. If the rest of your receivers get internet access through the coax network, the TV will as well.

To select the RVU source, use the SOURCE button on your Samsung TV remote. You will see the DIRECTV logo as one of the sources, and it will be labeled “RVU.”

Pairing the Client

In order to activate the Genie client, you must first add it to your account. Call 1-800-DIRECTV to add a Home Media Center client to your account. They will enable the service for you. You must have an HR34 Genie DVR and be using a SWM system with coax networking.

Once the service is turned on, you must pair the client with the Genie DVR. Start by going to the Genie DVR and pressing {MENU}.

From there, go to Settings&Help, Settings, Whole-Home, Add A Client. A PIN will be displayed on the screen, similar to what you see in the first post in this article.

Power up the Genie client or Samsung TV and you will be prompted to enter that PIN. Really that’s all there is to it.

Another nice feature of all Genie boxes is that you can copy settings from another box, including the Genie DVR itself. This means you don’t have to redo your favorites lists and other common settings. The series manager and playlist are provided by the Genie DVR and you can schedule recordings and manage your to-do list right from the client just like you were in front of the Genie DVR.

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