What is an M2M booster?

It’s this unassuming little thing. Maybe you hadn’t thought about this, but all those new soda machines that can read your card? They all need to communicate. ATMs, too. Every time you’re swiping, inserting, or waving something at a machine that gives you money or a product, there’s a connection of some sort. Sometimes it’s a straight internet connection, if there’s one nearby. More often, it’s a cellular connection.

A cellular connection lets the owner of the machine put it almost anywhere without worrying about in-building wiring, but a lot of times the cellular service isn’t terribly good where the machine ends up being. The best examples are soda machines in hotels. They’re usually in the middle of the floor, next to the icemaker which is probably generating all sorts of RF interference. In a case like that you need a little bit of help.

That help comes in the form of a Machine-to-Machine cellular booster. It’s a specialized booster that lets the machine connect directly to the booster. This is more secure and also lets the booster use less power to provide a strong signal to a single point. It doesn’t broadcast like a typical booster, instead it’s hard wired into the machine it serves.

With a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) booster, the signal is broadcast from a point on the roof rather than throughout the building, adding to security. Plus, it opens up a lot of different options for wiring. Some M2M boosters do allow a wireless connection between the booster and the machine, while others don’t, and some can be part of larger networks of boosters all sharing the same outdoor antenna. Even in cases where an Ethernet cable is available, sometimes the cellular connection is more desirable because there is no chance that the payment data is sharing any equipment with the regular internet.

It’s not the sort of equipment you’ll need in most cases, but if you are a business owner or operator looking for an M2M booster, you’ll find an excellent selection of them at SolidSignal.com.

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