What’s the best multiswitch for DIRECTV SD receivers?

The answer’s simple… SWM. If you’re still working with Zinwell, Spaun or Eagle Aspen multiswitches, you know that they work well and they’re reliable. We stand behind them and still sell quite a few. However, if you’re putting in a new installation, you need to be thinking SWM.

SWM is DIRECTV’s standard installation technology for all receivers, SD and HD, in RVs, boats, homes… everywhere. SWM has been the norm since 2010 and it’s grown into a reliable system that supports all current DIRECTV SD and HD receivers. It’s easier to wire and is “future-proof” — all future receivers will be SWM-only, so now is the time to get on the bandwagon.

If you have a current installation that uses older-style multiswitches, don’t worry. They will still be supported for a few years yet, so you don’t have to rewire everything right now. On the other hand, Eagle Aspen and Spaun have already started to trim product lines so it’s probably time to start thinking about a change in the future.

If you’re thinking about putting in a new installation, even if it’s SD-only, you should be thinking SWM. There’s no reason to spend more for older technology. SWM is every bit as reliable as the older tech… that’s why DIRECTV uses it in huge hotels, office buildings and sports bars. It’s good enough for them, so it’s good enough for you!

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