WHITE PAPER: A Guide to Mounting

We specialize in carrying a diverse catalog of mounting hardware for any situation.
We Sell Antenna Mounts for:
Mounting hardware helps to get your antenna up high where signal is stronger. We carry one of the widest selections of mounts for almost any application.
Mount Types
Tripods are the most popular mount we sell. Ideal for roof peaks, or a flat roof, the tripod gets the antenna to the highest point. We sell sizes from 2ft tall all the way up to 10ft
 Allows for mounting of an antenna at the highest point
 We recommend pitch pads to weather seal roofing under tripod
Wall Mounts
Wall mounts are sold in pairs, to brace the mast to the side of a building. We sell wall mounts with zero clearance, all the way up to 24 inches of clearance.
 Help support extra long masts from the ground up
 Not recommended for satellite dishes
Chimney Mounts / Straps
Chimney mounts consist of two straps that adjust like a belt to secure the mast. The benefit of a chimney mount is that the it’s usually the highest point on the roof. It’s almost one of the sturdiest mounts we sell.
 While sold in different sizes, they can always adjust down
 Avoid installing the mast more than 5ft past the top of chimney
Definitely the most versatile mount we carry. The J-mount has been made popular by its use in satellite installations. To those under ruling a Home Owner’s Association, this low profile mountmay be your only choice.
 Works as an under, eave mount, wall-mount, or rooftop mount
 This unit is both mount and mast, so you save money
Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts (NPRM)
For the user who doesn’t want to put a single hole in the roof. The NPRM’s are for flat roofs generally, and require a pitch pad to be laid underneath. These are weighted with concrete blocks and are popular for commercial installs.
 Perfect for temporary antenna mounting
 Leaves roof intact, with no drilling or bolts
Have questions about mounting? Let us help you plan your summer project.

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