Why does DIRECTV’s Genie Remote still have an Enter button?

It’s been a long hard road toward loving that Genie Remote but most people finally seem to agree that the smaller, simpler remote from DIRECTV was a good move. Most of the uninteresting buttons that populated the older DIRECTV remote were removed, and sure you can argue that some of them should have been left in (like for example the {STOP} button.) Most of the missing buttons, though, are easily forgotten. It does seem odd that they left the {ENTER} button in there when it seems like just a duplicate of the {SELECT} button.

Before anyone says it, they’re not going to use that spot for a PIP toggle.

The {ENTER} button was left in because it does actually have an important role. You’ll actually tune channels in faster if you end with the {ENTER} button and the {SELECT} button doesn’t have that function. Also you can press and hold the {ENTER} button to get to the TV input, so it’s good that it’s off to the side but not completely gone.

It also makes sense to have that button there because people expect it. It’s part of most universal remotes and the research that DIRECTV did probably showed them people expected that button to be there and if something else were there instead, then it would lead to confusion.

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