Antenna Terms Defined

AM: A type of frequency used for radio stations. Some OTA TV antennas can also pull in AM signals. Amplifier (Booster): An amplifier is a device used in conjunction with an OTA antenna designed to help make…

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BYOD? What’s that?

B Y O D. Have you heard the term yet? If there’s been one big acronym in the business world in 2012, it’s BYOD: Bring Your Own Device. After decades of telling users that their cell…

Don’t use the wrong satellite meter

This is the Perfect Vision PVS22K satellite finder. At just under $14 it seems like a great deal. If you are hooking up older, round satellite dish it just might help you get things moving a little faster….

TIP: Customer Information Channel for DIRECTV

Did you know it was there all the time? DIRECTV produces and airs a never-ending stream of customer information videos on every DIRECTV receiver Tune to channel 1 and you’ll find them, and you don’t need…