The Ultimate Guide to the DIRECTV Remote Control

If you search The Solid Signal Blog for “remote” you will find over 50 pages of results.  There’s a lot of good content there! But, you may be visiting our blog with a specific need and you might not have time to browse all these articles at once.

The best DIRECTV remote tutorials

Here’s a short selection of the best tutorials for someone looking to program a DIRECTV remote:

A Quick Discussion of DIRECTV Remotes
Special codes for DIRECTV remotes
What remote codes are used for DIRECTV receivers?
WHITE PAPER: Using your DIRECTV remote with your TV.
HOW TO DO IT: Control 3 DIRECTV receivers with 1 remote
NICE AND EASY: What DIRECTV remotes work with what receivers?
How to reset any DIRECTV remote control
NICE AND EASY: Whats the flashing light on my Genie Remote?
NICE AND EASY: Change the TV input using your Genie Remote
Program your Genie remote for RF with this easy step
Program your DIRECTV Remote to Control Your Sound System

PDF Tutorials

If you’d rather download and go, check out these PDF tutorials:

Using your DIRECTV Remote with your TV
Programming your DIRECTV Remote for RF mode
Advanced DIRECTV Remote Programming

Tutorial Videos

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