Cell Phone Success Story from Solid Signal

Not all wireless plans are created equally. Nicole, who works in Solid Signal’s marketing department, learned this first-hand. Instead of going with the AT&T home team, she had a brief flirtation with another wireless carrier. In her defense, she was sharing the account with her aunt, who insisted on the competing carrier. The ladies’ experience was nothing short of a total disaster. Fortunately, AT&T and Solid Signal swooped in to save the day for Nicole and her aunt. Now, both women are over the moon with their new phones and AT&T wireless service. More importantly, a lesson was learned from the experience.

Meet Aunt Barb…

… She’s the “greatest aunt a girl could ever have.” That’s how Nicole describes her, and it’s easy to see why. She has plenty of happy childhood examples to back up her claim. It was Aunt Barb who nurtured Nicole’s love of the arts. She also inspired her niece’s dreams and ambitions to be a successful professional. When it comes to guiding Nicole, Aunt Barb simply can’t go wrong… until it came time to pick a wireless provider.

Nicole’s first instinct was to go with AT&T. As an employee at Solid Signal, she knows that the communications giant provides an amazing wireless services. She also knows that she could qualify for various promotions because we’re an AT&T Authorized Dealer. Aunt Barb insisted on going with another provider though. It was recommended to her by some of her friends in her church group. We’re not going to beat up on Barb for this. We’ve all followed a bad recommendation from a good friend at least once in our lives.

Be Careful Where You Buy Cell Phones!

Nicole and Barb’s first mistake was going with a wireless provider that is not AT&T. Their second mistake was getting this service from a brick-and-mortar store. After an exceedingly long wait in line, Nicole and Barb were told they qualified for one of the company’s promotions. This promised huge savings on their respective. Excited, the ladies signed on the dotted line, chose their brand-new cell phones, and had them activated in the store. When all was said and done, the experience devoured most of their afternoon.

It didn’t take long for Nicole and Barb’s cell phone experience to sour. Somehow, the $30 monthly bill they were promised had skyrocketed to more than $90 for each of them. “What the heck is going on here?” Aunt Barb asked. Ever the dutiful niece, Nicole followed up with the provider’s customer service department and was shocked to learn she and Barb didn’t qualify for the promotion after all. To make matters worse, the person at the store also failed to mention an additional fee they’d have to pay.

Moving to AT&T Wireless

It took Nicole and Barb about six months to get this whole mess ironed out. In the end, they decided to dump their provider and follow Nicole’s instincts. Moving to AT&T was super easy thanks to Nicole’s connections here at Signal Connect, the division of the company that sells AT&T wireless plans and cell phones. Nicole turned to John Fitzpatrick, Signal Connect AT&T Mobility Account Manager to help her make this happen. John got Nicole and Barb’s accounts set up right away and he also matched them with discounts.

John and Signal Connect were able to match Nicole and Barb with another valuable service: free cell phone delivery and activation. We partner with a third-party company that offers these services. Nicole had her phone delivered to her here at work the day she ordered it. Barb got her phone delivered and activated at home, also on the same day. At the end of the day, both of the ladies couldn’t be happier with their experience with Solid Signal and AT&T’s wireless service.

Get Free Cell Phone Delivery

If you live in or near the 51 cities that the third-party service provider currently covers. This company has offices spread out all over the country, so chances are good that you can. When you order a cell phone and wireless service from us, we’ll connect you with the third-party provider in your area. They’ll contact you directly to set up a day and time to deliver your phone, activate your account, and transfer data. It’s all very convenient for our customers, which is why we’re happy to partner with this company.

As an AT&T Authorized Dealer, Solid Signal offers wireless plans. We also carry the latest Samsung and iPhone devices. We have too many amazing promotions to mention here; but keep in mind, these include discounts on the latest cell phones. Solid Signal also offers discounts to first responders and active and retired military personnel. If you want to save big on an AT&T wireless plan and new cell phone, fill out the online form below. A member of our team will follow up to answer your questions and give you more information.

About the Author

Jake Buckler
Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.