US Open on DIRECTV: 4K, 5G, 6x the excitement

Golf fans rejoice: DIRECTV will be broadcasting parts of the US Open in glorious 4K. You can see the view from the par 3, seventh hole at Shinnecock in 4K HDR on DIRECTV channel 106, and best of all, the technology is truly cutting edge.

A few weeks back DIRECTV reported that they would use their own 5G connections to deliver the digital signal to their backhaul facility, where it will be broadcast over satellite to the willing throngs.

Someone else has used 5G like this before, apparently. Intel also used a 5G connection for some 4K footage of the recent Olympics in Pyeongchang. However, this is the first time we’ve seen it in the US and it’s definitely the first time that we’ve seen it in a closed situation where the same company is doing the transmissions from the site to the broadcast facility, and from the broadcast facility to the viewer

4K Keeps Getting Better

DIRECTV 4K beats every other 4K system out there. It’s just that simple. Streaming 4K gets worse when your internet’s jammed. DIRECTV’s broadcast 4K doesn’t. Live and recorded 4K programming is always at the highest quality level. That’s why you want DIRECTV 4K for sports. You can’t beat it. No question, DIRECTV is the 4K sports leader.

Are you ready for 4K?

If you haven’t upgraded to 4K, this is the time. You don’t want to keep missing all this great content. The equipment you need hasn’t changed, and all of it is available at Solid Signal:

If you do have an HDR-capable TV, then you’ll find it’s an even better experience. Blacks are blacker, whites are whiter, and colors are more vibrant. It’s more of what you wanted HD for in the first place, and chances are you’ll see the difference immediately.

Is this the time to jump into 4K?

While I wasn’t always a big 4K fan, this is the time to jump in. 4K TVs are cheaper than the fanciest HDTVs from a few years ago, and we’re finally starting to see some programming. There’s also the hope of more programming to come. If you are considering a TV of 65″ or larger, and today that isn’t so far-fetched, you really need to go 4K.

What about 4K for business?

DIRECTV is the only provider with a 4K solution for businesses. Right now you can get a special system that will give you 4K at the TV. This solution uses the same hardware as is used in the home. That’s not all though. There’s a new solution coming, and it’s going to change everything.

Technicolor, the people who developed the revolutionary COM1000 and COM2000 headends, showed us a demo last year of a COM system running 4K. It looks like they’re almost ready to deliver it, so now is the time to start talking to the commercial experts at Signal Connect about getting 4K at every single TV in the bar. It’s not only going to be possible, it’s going to be easy. Call them at 888-233-7563.

Get 4K service from Solid Signal

If you’re ready for the jump, call Solid Signal at 888-233-7563. Our 4K activation team is ready to help make your 4K dreams come true!

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