Weather Stations: This time, it’s personal

It’s pretty much impossible to ignore at this point. We’re all seeing more severe weather events. Where it’s hot, it’s getting hotter. Where it’s wet, it’s getting wetter. And this isn’t the right place to be talking about the reasons why and what we should be doing in the big picture. I just think we can all agree that we have to pay more attention to weather now than when we were kids. Fair enough?

You need the most information you can get

About a month ago, a lot of the team at our Novi, Michigan offices lost power for up to five days. It was some of the most severe flooding our areas had seen in quite a while. Our offices weren’t affected, luckily, but you have to stop and give some respect to the hard-working folks who made do without refrigeration and air conditioning. It could have been worse of course, because winter storms are always worse.

Information is power

You need the most information you can get when it comes to local weather. It’s not enough to use a smartphone weather app. Those are great but they obviously don’t measure the weather at your house.  The weather station is usually a local airport or government building. Depending on where you are, that information could be coming from miles away.

Luckily there’s something you can do about it. You can get your own weather stations.

We’re not talking about one of those big brass clock-looking things. Those are nice but they aren’t very accurate. We’re talking about real, scientific instrumentation.

How today’s weather stations work

Weather stations from La Crosse Technology have two components. The first is an outside sensor that gets real-time measurements you can trust. The second is an indoor display unit which will tell you what’s going on inside, and also report on conditions outside. Some of them show trend information. It’s the information you need, especially if you live in an area where storms come up unexpectedly.

La Crosse Technology is the leader in this market, and that’s why we’ve proudly carried their products for over a decade. We’ve chosen the best products from their wide selection and listed them here. Choose the one that’s right for you. Some use color displays, while others stick to business. One even lets you measure wind speed and direction, which can be an incredibly important part of the equation.

Get the help you need

If you’re not sure what to buy, call the experts! Our technicians are standing buy during East Coast business hours to help you decide which weather station is right for you. You don’t have to go it alone. You can get the tools you need to stay informed! Give us a call at 888-233-7563 during East Coast business hours. Our team is here to help you find everything you need. Old-fashioned service and modern technology — that’s what you’ll get when you shop at Solid Signal.

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