DIRECTV receiver just too bright? There’s an easy fix!

You know, those DIRECTV lights can be REALLY bright. They can be bright enough to distract you while you’re watching something. The H25 receiver and C41 client have mercifully few lights, but if you have a DVR, they can be really bright, especially the older DVRs that have animated light rings. Luckily there is something you can do.

You’ll need to go to the front panel of the DVR, this won’t work with the remote.

Just push the LEFT and RIGHT arrow buttons on the light ring at the same time. This may take a little practice, but if you do it right, you’ll see the lights get a little dimmer. Do it again and they’ll get dimmer still. Do it enough times and they’ll eventually go off all together. Merciful darkness awaits as your DVR will no longer assail you with its bright blue beams of death.

If you want the lights back, another combo-push of the LEFT and RIGHT arrows will bring them back at searingly bright full-pop-itude. Or, just reboot the DVR and they’ll come back on their own. That’s the downside — if you ever need to reboot the DVR for any reason (like it gets a software update in the middle of the night) you’ll need to manually dim the lights again.

Go forth. Use this dimming power wisely, and never be bothered by blue light specials again.

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Stuart Sweet
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