NICE AND EASY: Which DIRECTV Receivers need a DECA?

Earl Bonovich

You remember the DECA, right? Even years after its release there’s some confusion about which receivers need to have one connected. Here’s the simplest way we can put it for you.

DECA Broadband: Also called a Cinema Connection Kit, this is the device that hooks all your receivers to the internet from a central point. In most cases everyone needs one.

  • Required: All connected receivers except Genie (see below). You will also need one for every DIRECTV-Ready TV you have.
  • Optional: If you have a Genie DVR, you can connect it to the internet and it will supply internet to all receivers so you don’t need a DECA Broadband. HR34s need a wired connection while HR44s can also do Wi-Fi.

DECA: This is the one without the power supply. Older receivers need it, newer receivers don’t. Here’s the complete list.

  • Required: HR20 • HR21 • HR22 • HR23 • H21 • H23 • THR22 TiVo
  • NEVER used: HR24 • HR34 Genie • HR44 Genie • H24 • H25 • Genie Clients

Band Stop Filter The Band Stop Filter is used to protect older receivers and SD receivers that can’t handle the network signal. This is a partial list; if you have any older receiver or any SD receiver in your home, put a band stop filter on it.

  • Required: H20 • R16 • D12
  • NEVER used: HR24 • HR34 Genie • HR44 Genie • H24 • H25 • Genie Clients

For even more information, read our Guide to Coax Networking.

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