New White Paper: Setting up your Winegard Roadtrip (or other mobile dish)

OK so you just got a new mobile dish for DIRECTV. You want to set it up but all the installation guides look like they’re at least ten years old. I hear you, bud. That’s why we’ve created an all new white paper designed to take you through the setup, step by step.

What makes mobile dish setup different?

Really there are several things that make the mobile dish setup experience different.

AT&T’s own reps have no idea how to deal with mobile dishes.

Mobile dishes make up less than one percent of the entire DIRECTV “population.” They’re a fairly specialized thing, which means your average call center employee might not ever have heard of them or seen them. Specialists like Solid Signal deal with mobile dishes all the time, but your garden variety rep doesn’t.

Mobile dishes are limited as to which receivers they support.

Changes to Genie DVRs in 2017 mean that they won’t work with mobile dishes at all. A change was made to the Genie software which means the Genie system only works with regular Slimline dishes. At this point, only the H24 receiver, H25 receiver, and HR24 DVR support the older dish type that these mobile dishes emulate.

Mobile dishes take an extra step.

With a normal dish, you hook up a receiver, it detects the dish and you’re pretty much done. However, older dishes and mobile dishes need to be set up manually. Not only that, but the mobile dishes need time to self-aim before the receiver can test them. This is perfectly normal but unless you give the dish time, the whole setup will fail and you’ll have to repeat it.

Get the story from the mobile dish experts

There’s only one place where you can find an entire room full of mobile satellite experts. It isn’t the RV store, it isn’t DIRECTV HQ. Solid Signal’s 100% US-based call center handles more RV satellite questions than anyone else in the country and we have a whole room full of top “Level 3” type executives who can help you get the right answers, every time. We pride ourselves on service, and no one will give you the answers you need like Solid Signal. Don’t believe me? The next time you have a problem with your mobile satellite system, call us at 888-233-7563. We can help.

In the meantime…

Here’s a great setup guide that will get you up and running with the Winegard RoadTrip or almost any small mobile satellite dish for DIRECTV. Read it below, or download your own copy for free!



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