NICE AND EASY: Do you need a DECA for a Genie?

This is a DECA. It converts the network signal that’s on your DIRECTV coaxial cable into a form that can travel on a regular category 5 or category 6 Ethernet cable. It’s used for older DIRECTV receivers that need it (H23/HR23 and earlier) and also can be paired with a power supply to provide internet access to all your receivers. But is it needed for a Genie system?


The DECA with power supply, also called a DECA Broadband or Cinema Connection Kit, can be used to connect to your router if your DIRECTV receivers aren’t near a cable connection. However, if you have a Genie system, you don’t need one. The HR34 DVR can connect to your router via Ethernet cable and provide internet to all your receivers, and the HR44 DVR can connect wired, or optionally via Wi-Fi. So there is no need to use a DECA to connect to your home internet.

You also don’t need a DECA to connect a Genie Client. Those connect via coax. The only time you would need one is with a DIRECTV-Ready TV. The preferred installation method is to run coax to the TV and use the powered DECA to change to an Ethernet cable.

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