Still using that old tube TV in your RV? Time to upgrade

Come on dude, it’s like 2017. I know that upgrades are expensive and I know that you probably don’t watch a lot of TV when you’re out on the road. But some one, you know you watch some, right? And the bad news is that the tube TV in your RV just isn’t cutting it anymore.

If you’re using an antenna, you’ve obviously been using a converter box to get digital signals for a while. These little boxes were made in the mid-2000s to help people get a few more years out of older TVs. Hey, I hate to tell you, but it’s been a few years already. That tube TV and that converter box have done their time. The converter box may fail — a lot of them weren’t well made — and for now Solid Signal is about the only place you can get one. We’re always trying to find new suppliers for them but the market has about dried up. Pretty soon they’ll all be gone.

If you’re only playing recorded material… you already know you can’t buy a VCR anymore, and DVDs are getting darn hard to find too. You know you’d rather be getting that stuff some other way, but streaming can be way too expensive. A few movies and you’re over your data allowance. Time to look at a new TV and a new way of watching.

…and that means satellite.
If you’re already watching satellite TV in your RV, you know that it’s great. Unfortunately DIRECTV is dropping all SD service in just a couple of years, so if you’re using SD equipment you’ll have to upgrade in some way. So yes, this is going to be an expense and not just for the TV. The good news is that you have options. You can switch to DISH and get HD quality with much less expensive satellite equipment (possibly even without changing the dish you have) or you can put in a DIRECTV system that opens you up to an incredible world of entertainment all in stunning HD.

Yes, I know. When you’re out there RVing, television isn’t the most important thing on your mind. And you know what, it shouldn’t be. I hope you’re out there motoring across America and having a lot of fun looking out the window. But you put that TV in there for a reason, and I know you use it. I’m not judging. Settle in for the night, and you’re going to want to watch a little before bed. Or, find yourself on a rainy day with nothing to see, and you’re not going to want to sit there playing Parcheesi. I’ve been there, friends, and I’ll be honest with you. There’s only so much Parcheesi you can play before insanity sets in.

So, go out there and get an HDTV that meets your needs. They’re dirt cheap and if you can’t mount it directly in the hole where the TV was, put in a mounting system that lets you put it anywhere and use the space where the TV was, for something else. Then find a way to watch what you want without excess data charges. That means an antenna — you’ll probably need one if you want local channels — and a satellite system. There’s no need to be afraid, because you have the experts on your side. I know that my friends over at Signal Connect have done more RV satellite installs than anyone. Call them at 888-233-7563 and they can go over all the options, get you the best price that includes all the free upgrades that only a dealer can get you, and arrange for installation of your hardware. Pretty much all you have to do is say yes, then sit back and watch.

This is the perfect time to get this done, when half of the country is under a thick snow pack and no one is driving around. Why not take the opportunity?

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Stuart Sweet
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