TIP: Skip forward 15 minutes with your DIRECTV receiver

Skipping through a program on DIRECTV has never been easier. You have the choice of four speeds of fast forward, but if that’s not fast enough, you can skip forward 15 minutes at a time. Take a look at the graphic above. The black dots on the orange line are called “ticks” and generally each one represents 15 minutes of program time. On shorter or significantly longer programs they may represent more or less.

DIRECTV has a way to skip from one tick to the next by using the buttons you already use on the remote. It’s simple:

  1. First press the {FAST FORWARD} button on your remote.
  2. While fast-forwarding, press the {ADVANCE} button.

This will skip you forward to the next tick. It works with rewinding, too… just press the {REPLAY} button and you will go backward one tick.

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