What’s the best RV-mounted dish for tailgating?

Summer’s almost over and that means that we’re almost to the best season of the year: football season! There’s still time to configure your RV for a killer tailgate setup. But what’s the best dish to use? The answer is very clear.

Winegard’s TRAV’LER RV-mounted dish

There’s really one dish that’s far above and beyond when it comes to tailgating. This is Winegard’s Trav’ler dish for DIRECTV, model SK-SWM3. Why is it perfect? Let’s take a look.

Proven DIRECTV technology

This dish looks an awful lot like the DIRECTV dish on your roof. Of course it does. Winegard starts with genuine DIRECTV parts and then modifies and adds to them. This means maximum compatibility and maximum value. You get the equivalent of a SWM-enabled Slimline 3 dish on your roof. That’s all you need for a setup with up to 8 TVs, and that sounds like a killer tailgate setup to me.

Permanent mounting

This dish is permanently installed on your RV’s roof in such a way that it folds down when not in use. This keeps the dish safe and also helps you save fuel, because it’s not dragging the RV back in a breeze.

Fully automatic

While you’re setting up chairs, this dish is automatically aiming itself. All you need is a view of the southern sky, and the Trav’ler will automatically find the signal it needs. Nothing could be easier. You don’t need a fancy meter or even a compass. It’s perfect for tailgating because it’s so easy.

HD, 4K, and more

With this dish you get access to all of DIRECTV’s HD and 4K programming as long as you have the right DIRECTV equipment. You won’t miss out on any of the action!

What about tripod-mounted dishes?

Maybe you’ve seen other people with tripods and dishes mounted that way. Yes, that’s going to be a less expensive way to go. But it’s also time-consuming. Every time you tailgate, you’ll have to set up that tripod, make sure it’s level, and aim the dish yourself. I don’t know about you but it seems to me that’s a lot of work to do when there’s other stuff that needs setting up.

Great satellite TV is only part of the big picture…

In order to get the most out of your DIRECTV subscription, you’ll need an internet connection. With it you can access all the interactive features of the NFL Sunday Ticket package and other packages. Luckily, the experts at Solid Signal have you covered there too. They’ll help you get a hotspot or wireless router that can provide a clear, clean internet connection to your DIRECTV equipment.

It all starts with a call to Solid Signal at 888-233-7563. Or, shop the great selection of DIRECTV products and accessories at SolidSignal.com. We’re here to help you get the tailgate system of your dreams. No one activates more RV satellite receivers than Solid Signal. We know how to do it right! And because we’re AT&T Preferred dealers, we can help you with bundling opportunities that can save you money while you enjoy the big game. Call now!


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