Which DIRECTV boxes can be rack mounted?

There are a lot of reasons you would want to rack mount a DIRECTV box. You might be a home user with a “man cave.” You might run a bar or restaurant where people watch on multiple TVs. You might be in a hotel where you provide in-room DIRECTV. No matter what your need, rack mounting gives you a clean installation that’s worth taking the time to do. It makes it easier to replace and maintain the equipment you have, too.

The official answer

Solid Signal sells this rack mount kit that is designed to hold up to eight H25 receivers in a 6RU space. It’s the standard option for bars, restaurants, and hotels. As you can see it’s designed around the ventilation requirements of the receivers, and has a screw-on security bar which keeps them in place even if you move the rack.

It’s your best option if you have a lot of receivers to mount, or if you just want a clean install. It’s just not your only option.

Rack mount it your way

You can choose this 2RU rack shelf and rack mount literally any DIRECTV box you want. It will work with any DIRECTV box except the HS17, which requires a lot more height. It has slits for ventilation and you can use either zip ties or Velcro to secure whatever it is you want to attach to it. It’s completely up to you.

The key when rack mounting is airflow. It’s easy to get into the mindset of keeping things compact. You’ll be tempted to shove a lot of receivers into a small space. That’s understandable. It’s better to have things a little more spread out. It will make the receivers more reliable over time. With a rack system, the last thing you want is a problem when you’re not there to deal with it. Designing a system for proper airflow can cost a little more because you need more shelves or even potentially a different rack. It’s worth that extra investment

Solid Signal has rack shelves from 1RU to 6RU so you can choose how you want to build your rack to make it just what you want.

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