Should you get AT&T TV or stick with satellite service?

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Live TV streaming has been a part of our lives for about four years. Sling TV was the first to market, followed by DIRECTV NOW, which gave way to AT&T TV. In the past, you might have dismissed these streaming packages, but then again this year has made you rethink a lot of what’s going on.

AT&T TV has evolved to become the purest expression of what live TV streaming can be. Most folks who tried a live TV streaming package found that they didn’t really replicate the cable or satellite experience. AT&T TV is different. You get a real physical box that blends the streaming experience with a real live TV experience. There’s a real guide, complete with channel numbers. You get a remote that makes sense if you’re used to cable or satellite. The only difference is that your TV comes in from a network cable instead of a coaxial cable.

AT&T TV for people who can’t get satellite TV

The advantage of AT&T TV is clear for people who can’t get satellite TV for some reason. Perhaps you live in an apartment and the owner doesn’t want holes in the walls and roof. Perhaps you don’t have a clear view of the sky that would let you get the service you want. Or, perhaps, you just don’t want multiple boxes connected to the TV. Hey, I get that.

Should you switch from DIRECTV to AT&T TV?

If you’re a current DIRECTV customer, I’m thinking you might want to continue on as a current DIRECTV customer. There are still channels on DIRECTV Satellite that aren’t on AT&T TV. The biggest difference comes as you get up into the premium tiers. You won’t see as many premium channels. You also won’t see the sports packages you’re used to with DIRECTV.

If you don’t have TV service or you’re considering making a change, I’m guessing it’s going to come down to price vs. features. The prices are about the same. Both have a very good app experience. To me the big difference is the DVR feature. AT&T TV has a cloud DVR which gives you only 500 hours of recording capacity. But, you can watch 100% of your programs no matter where you are. DIRECTV’s DVR is essentially unlimited. The Genie 2 DVR has 1,000 hours of space, but if you choose a different configuration you can add as many DVRs as you want. However, you can only watch your recordings online if they’re available on demand.

AT&T TV for marine and RV users

If you’re a tailgater or you want to get TV on a boat, it gets a little more complicated. If you’re thinking about separate DIRECTV service for your RV or vessel, it’s true that there’s a high upfront costs. But once that’s paid, you’re set. If you’re thinking of getting AT&T TV and you don’t have an unlimited plan, it can become a very costly proposition depending on how you use it. Unlimited wireless plans from AT&T are a great value and that may help you make up your mind.

But, keep in mind too that you’ll only get AT&T TV where you get good cell reception. Satellite is available anywhere you can see the southern sky. Neither will probably work in a very dense forest, but in terms of availability, DIRECTV satellite wins in every other location.

Get AT&T TV from Signal Connect

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