Do you REALLY need the Slimline-5 dish? (2017 Edition)

It’s a fact. DIRECTV’s satellite at the 119 location is going out of service within two years. This will mean that pretty much all standard definition service will go with it, since the content on the 119 satellite will take the place on standard definition content on one of the 101 satellites.

All English-language HD programs have already moved off the 119 satellite, and what’s left is basically local programming for a few markets around the country. The only thing left is SD programming, so even if you’re in one of those cities where the 119 satellite is in use, you still don’t need it if all you want is HD.

Every year, we revise our list of cities that require the use of the Slimline-5 dish. The Slimline-5 dish is harder to aim and harder to keep aimed. The preferred dish for almost the entire country is the Slimline-3 dish, or if you want 4K, the Reverse Band 3 Slimline dish. Chances are you don’t need the Slimline-5 dish.

If you do have it, it won’t hurt you for now but at some point it’s going to stop working and you’ll have to deal with that. For now, take a look at our newly-revised list of markets that still receive programming from the 119 satellite location. That way you’ll be able to figure things out for yourself!

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