Best of the Blog 2017, Volume 3

The Solid Signal Blog is your resource for thousands of articles and reviews, with new content coming every day. 2018 marks our twelfth year since our humble beginnings, and today over 200,000 people read the blog every month. Every month, the staff gets together and gathers articles that really seem like they have long-term appeal. Here’s the list for March, 2017:

  1. Virtual vs. Real Channels
  2. NICE AND EASY: How long can you use a deactivated DVR?
  3. Spring is coming! Time to look at your antenna
  4. Why dont all TV antennas pick up VHF?
  5. DIRECTV for Marine the Right Way
  6. Can an indoor antenna be as good as an outdoor one?
  7. Do you miss the STOP button on your DIRECTV remote? Bring it back!
  8. Why on earth would you need a cell booster for your car?
  9. DIRECTV for Big Rigs Done Right
  10. So yes, your smart TV can be hacked. Should you be worried?
  11. Is a headend system right for you?
  12. Solid Signal has an AMAZING selection of marine products
  13. Why cant you put your dish on top of the TV?
  14. Should you worry that the car next to you is stealing signal from your cell booster?
  15. Can an antenna be made of glass?
  16. Why are HD domes for DIRECTV bigger than HD domes for DISH?
  17. Why does the screen go black when you change to a DIRECTV 4K channel?
  18. How can a coaxial cable give you true HD?
  19. NICE AND EASY: What is noise figure?
  20. How can DIRECTV NOW even be legal?
  21. Why use a non-penetrating roof mount?
  22. Nice cans! Hey wait, thats not what I meant.
  23. Were you thinking of standard-definition service in your RV? Stop.
  24. Love to listen to music? Check out DIRECTV!
  25. What format are satellite DVR recordings stored in?
  26. Marine Satellite TV and Spring Cleaning
  27. The cell phone system in this country is intentionally broken
  28. TIP: Dolby on any DIRECTV receiver
  29. What do the USB ports on a DIRECTV receiver do?
  30. Why dont they use solid state drives in DVRs?
  31. NICE AND EASY: Whats the difference between a router and a switch?
  32. Why should you worry about recycling? Stuff came from the Earth, why can’t it just go back there?
  33. Does the number of elements in an antenna really matter?
  34. Does a DIRECTV receiver need to be connected to the internet?
  35. What is the best long range antenna?
  36. What is PoE
  37. Satellite TV in the conference room?
  38. Can you share a satellite dish with a neighbor?
  39. The Best Source for TV Antennas and Satellite TV Service
  40. Solid Signal’s HANDS ON REVIEW: HS17 Genie 2
  41. How important is it that electronics are marine rated?
  42. An antenna for now or an antenna for life?


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Stuart Sweet
Stuart Sweet is the editor-in-chief of The Solid Signal Blog and a "master plumber" at Signal Group, LLC. He is the author of over 8,000 articles and longform tutorials including many posted here. Reach him by clicking on "Contact the Editor" at the bottom of this page.