Best of the Blog 2020, Volume 12

The Solid Signal Blog is your resource for thousands of articles and reviews, with new content coming every day. 2021 marks our fifteenth year since our humble beginnings, and today over 250,000 people read the blog every month. Every month, the staff gets together and gathers articles that really seem like they have long-term appeal. Here’s the list for the December, 2020:

  1. Support the Small Business that Supports You!
  2. What DIRECTV dish do I have?
  3. Why can’t you change the battery in your phone?
  4. DIRECTV Users… set up a series to record with two button presses!
  5. Will 4G Phones Work on the 5G Network?
  6. Can you bundle DIRECTV Satellite and ATT TV?
  7. How do manufacturers estimate cell booster range?
  8. Cutting the cord without an antenna? Big mistake.
  9. How can one antenna do FM, VHF, and UHF?
  10. Genie clients haven’t changed a lot. Is that a bad thing?
  11. Should you choose the HR54 Genie or the HS17 Genie 2??
  12. Why do some headphone plugs look different?
  13. Winterizing Your Boat with Solid Signal
  14. DIRECTV and data caps: the real story
  15. Betty Says, “Get a Cell Phone Booster!”
  16. It might be time to let go of an old satellite receiver.
  17. Get a 5-Star TV Antenna from Solid Signal!
  18. Why are computer error screens blue?
  19. What is the black dust that forms on antennas?
  20. So help me out. Is this antenna going to get VHF, or not?
  21. Does a dish heater actually work?
  22. UPDATED: Should you choose a cell booster?
  23. Can you use a TV antenna as a Wi-Fi antenna?
  24. How to force an update to a DIRECTV receiver (and why you shouldn’t)
  25. What does mean anyway?
  26. Serious question about antennas and masts
  27. 2021 Edition: Satellite Setup for non-Genie DIRECTV receivers
  28. What is an FM trap and why would you need one?
  29. Why is noise figure important for an amplifier?
  30. Can you get a SWM signal 500 feet without using fiber?
  31. What Smart Homes Will Look Like in the Next Decade
  32. Did you lose your international channels? Here’s why
  33. Do you need an internet connection in order to share programs (DIRECTV non-Genie equipment)?
  34. NICE AND EASY: Skip commercials with DIRECTV
  35. DOESNT MAKE SENSE: How can a cell booster work without a delay?
  36. NICE AND EASY: RF Remote Problems? Try Turning Off the Lights
  37. Will wireless charging destroy the power grid?
  38. Will an antenna made for US television pick up foreign broadcasts?
  39. Possible Problems with the TV Tuner and How to Fix Them

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Stuart Sweet is the editor-in-chief of The Solid Signal Blog and a "master plumber" at Signal Group, LLC. He is the author of over 9,000 articles and longform tutorials including many posted here. Reach him by clicking on "Contact the Editor" at the bottom of this page.