The Ultimate Guide to Televes Antennas

Looking for an antenna? You’ll find no better antenna than the European-made antennas from Televes. They’re designed to be durable and powerful and only Solid Signal has them for the best price! Not everyone knowas about Televes, so we’ve compiled a list of informative articles, videos, and pages to give you everything you need to make that decision to purchase. When you’re ready, shop for Televes antennas at SolidSignal or fill out this form for a free evaluation to help decide which Televes antenna is best for you.

In the meantime, check out these articles!

General Televes Information

Televes Antennas – European Quality with Auto-Gain and LTE Filtering 
Go Big… with Televes Antennas

Written Reviews of Televes Products

Televes DATBOSS Antenna
Televes DATBOSS MIX Antenna
Televes DATBOSS LR Antenna

Televes DATBOSS LR Mix Antenna
Televes Yagi BIII antenna

Televes V Zenit UHF Antenna
Televes DAT790 LR Antenna (replaced by DATBOSS LR)
Televes DAT790 Mix (replaced by DATBOSS Mix)
Televes DAT970 UHF Antenna (replaced by DATBOSS)
Televes DAT790 LR Mix UHF/VHF antenna (replaced by DATBOSS LR Mix)
Televes DigiNova Boss
Televes Mast Mounted Amplfiers
Televes Indoor Amplifiers

Videos about Televes Antennas

Unboxing the Televes Yagi BIII VHF Antenna
Unboxing the Televes DigiNova Boss
Unboxing the Televes V-ZENIT UHF
Unboxing the Televes DAT790 LR Mix

Assembling the Televes DATBOSS LR Antenna
Assembling the Televes DATBOSS Antenna
Assembling the Televes DATBOSS MIX Antenna
Assembling the Televes DATBOSS LR MIX Antenna
Installing the DigiNova Boss antenna
Assembling the Televes Yagi BIII antenna
Assembling the DAT790LR UHF Antenna
Assembling the Televes DAT790 Mix Antenna
Assembling the DAT790 UHF antenna
Assembling the Televes V Zenit UHF antenna
Assembling the Televes DAT790 LR Mix antenna

Why are Televes antennas so hard to assemble?

General information about Televes Antennas

What is Televes T-Force Technology?
TIP: Don’t use Quad-shield cable with Televes amps

Why do LTE signals interfere with TV reception?

Televes Yagi BIII Beats Antennas Direct C5 in Independent Testing
Will LTE mess up your TV reception? 
How can you tell a high-quality antenna?
Putting an antenna up is a great spring project
Best Mounting Options for Televes Antennas
DON’T BE FOOLED: Antenna scams are everywhere
Can you use a Televes antenna without its reflectors?
Do you need an antenna amplifier?
What’s the most important way to measure antenna signal?
What is a passive radiator? 
Do you have too much antenna? Is there such a thing?
Which is better, two antennas, or one antenna with a rotator?
What is a passively amplified antenna?
Is LTE interference a big problem with antennas?
What is the difference between active and passive LTE filtering?
Do you need to ground an antenna if it’s covered in plastic?
What is a director (when you’re talking about antennas))
What is the best built antenna?
REST ASSURED: Televes’ US antennas filter out US LTE frequencies
How can TV antennas be such different shapes?
Can cell phones affect TV reception?
Your Dad’s TV Antenna, Only Better
IS IT POSSIBLE? An antenna that works better WITHOUT an amplifier?
WHITE PAPER: Making Easy-F Connections with Televes Amplifiers

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